Micron IN. Brand Name for Micron Mustafa Machines In.
We are one of the leading manufacturers, suppliers and exporters of Cylinder Head Machining SPM’s Since 2007
Division of Mustafa Engineering Works, which has been focused on engine recondition for last four decades. Especially in Engine Cylinder Head Recondition,
With team of new generation engineers we design world class quality Machines, Customized Machine ,Tools and Services , With uncompromising quality products.

Micron In machines have unique features which enable easy application in every category from major OEMs … to Production Rebuilders … to every segment of High Performance … to one and two man shops;
Micron In. remains at a level of technological expertise in Industry.

Backed by a strong Inspiration And Founder Chairperson Of Mustafa Engineering Works Mr. Shri Mustafa Usman Bargir , Who Established Him Self Form Ground Level As Mechanic to Industrialist With Vast And Huge Experience In Automobiles And Engine Rebuilding.

Micron In  Offers Valve Seat and Guide Machines, Abrasive Blasting Machines,Tappet Shim Grinding Machines, Vacuum tester , Pnematic Valve Lapper , Universal Cylinder Head Workstation And Customized SPM’s for any type of applications!  

The Combination Of dual air-float centering system And unique Unipilot Design of  solid carbide pilot simulates the real valve stem during the centering process.  When inserted into the valve guide, it This guaranteed the valve seat is finished within the closest tolerance for a perfect valve to seat match.

For Any Applications like Motorcycle, Small Engines ,Trucks/ Public Transport Engines, Locomotive Engines Marine Stationary Engines, From Import & Domestic Engines. Micron In is the one!