Valve Seat Machines

Motorised Valve Seat Cutting Bench :VSCM Pro III


Uses standard SERDI /NEWEN /SUNNEN Tooling.

  1. Inserts Holder Mount On Ball Drive Holder With Fix Pilots to Locate Guides Axis More Accurately
  2. Easy tool setting, multi angle machining and pocket counter boring.
  3. Precision Vernier for consistent required depth control.
  4. Universal fixtures handles any size Cly. head and tilts at any angle to either sides machining.
  5. Cylinder head is easily located with guides accurately aligned and securely held for machining.
  6. Takes minimum floor space to handle the complete range of automotive cylinder heads.
  7. Dial in any spindle speed 0 to 320 rpm without stopping the rotation.
  8. User friendly ergonomic design.


Technical Data Specification
Max Cylinder Head Dimension 900mm
Min Seat Cutting Dia 25mm
Max Seat Cutting Dia 45mm
Drive Motor PMDC 220V Single ph 0.50 HP
D C Driver Controller Spindle Speed 0 to 320 rpm
Spindle Travel 20 mm
Max Air Pressure 110 PSI
Max Vacuum  25 Hg
Weight 340 kg approx
Space Requirement (L X W X H ) 1260 X 610 X 2060 mm